News Release: Grave Concern For Abandoned Dogs


VALENTINO WAS TIED up an abandoned in a Stapleford Cemetery on 26th January 2015 but thanks to a member of the public who alerted Broxtowe Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Wardens it is hoped he will soon be on the mend and be re-homed.

The black and white Terrier Cross was suffering with an eye problem and sadly the vet advised that he needs to have his eye removed. To help towards the cost of the eye operation, Babbington Rescue Centre are holding a funding raising sale on Valentine’s Day, February 14th to help raise money for the surgery. The sale will take place between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Valentino is just one of the many dogs who arrive at Babbington Hall Rescue Kennels that have health issues. Illness is often the reason why these animals are abandoned in the first place as owners struggle to afford the treatment required.

Babbington takes rescue dogs from all over Nottinghamshire and have recently reported an increase in dogs which have health problems that need treatment. This adds extra expense to the already over-subscribed service.

The Neighbourhood Wardens try to reunite lost dogs with their owners but those that are not reclaimed or that are abandoned by their owners undergo an assessment for suitability for re-homing. If successful they will then be placed for adoption. This is Valentino’s only hope now!

For more information about Broxtowe Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Wardens visit the website at or for information at Babbington Rescue Kennels and how to adopt a stray visit